Meaningful Learning

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Non-graded environments through elementary
  • Teaching of cursive script
  • Use of Montessori materials and hands on learning
  • Combination of individual, small group and large group learning
  • Work can be completed at a table or spread out on the floor
  • Regular parent-teacher conferences beginning in the toddler program
  • Regular student-teacher meetings beginning in the elementary years
  • Multi-aged classes in 2-3 year cycles
  • Freedom of movement at all levels
  • Tuition based
  • Integrated curriculum of art, music, foreign language, technology, mathematics, history, science, geography, reading, language and literature programs
  • Relevant but minimal homework beginning in the elementary program
  • Control of error built into equipment
  • Work at own pace
  • Observation by trained professionals for assessment and planning
  • Individualized study plans
  • Parents provide transportation
  • Formal technology and foreign language integration beginning at elementary level
  • Child centered
  • Philosophy based on choice and self-direction
  • Mastery and deeper learning promoted and encouraged over memorization
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